Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sunday Stroll By The Brisbane River

Last night I did not sleep very well. In fact, I didn't sleep at all.

Curse you, YouTube - and your little dogs too!

Still awake at 6:00am, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take my new camera for a riverside outing.

In an effort to become an early morning person, I think there is no better way for me to wake up my body than with a good dose of healthy endorphins. I am normally opposed to eating worms, but becoming an early bird sounded rather appealing. So with my trusty Skechers GoRuns on my feet and iPod in my ears, I stumbled optimistically outside the door.

To most people, walking along the riverside in Brisbane is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend any Sunday morning.

However, my casual stroll turned into an adventure of sorts, as I dodged hoards of dedicated cyclists speeding along the shared pedestrian and bike path. 

Brisbane people are crazy about cycling, but for some reason the CityCycle scheme - bikes you can hire at a small cost - seems untouched by most locals. The bright yellow bikes do add a nice splash of colour to the neighborhood though, don't you think?

Big Bird's vehicle of choice.

I even spotted some friends of mine down by the river. The whole family came out for the day.

Who are you calling 'Ugly Duckling'?

 Ah, the joys of spring.

When my morning exercise was done, and my inner photographer was completely satisfied, I made a delicious green smoothie to kickstart my first meal of the day. 
Breakfast of champions? Yes, sir.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

My First Blog

Hello, I'm Annabelle. I'm a 22-year old living in Brisbane and currently in my final year of university. My favourite thing in the world to do is to write. Well, actually I'm also quite partial to eating, travelling and dancing, but hopefully this blog will cover that.

Since progressing from years of frizzy hair, awkwardness (this one is debatable) and a fear of leaving my comfort zone, I've decided this blog will document the lifestyle of a twenty-something girl.
With eternal sunshine of the UV kind, spectacular river views, as well as clubs and bars to rival Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is one of my favourite cities in Australia to live. It could be considered a small city by measurable standards, but it's big on culture.

I don't understand when people complain there is nothing to do in this city - there are so many fun things to explore!

Hopefully this blog inspires you to try some new things in Brisbane or in your hometown.